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“ Antifouling in the Focus ”

Fouling means that on a hull or other structure immersed in water aquatic organisms settle: bacteria, algae, barnacles, sponges, etc.

On boats, this natural phenomenon spreads rapidly on the lower part of the hull (the submerged part). More than 250,000 different species can colonise boat hulls!

Apart from the poor aesthetics, a boat that is covered by this “bio-fouling” has more weight, it loses speed, and develops a greater appetite for fuel.

The use of antifouling prevents or slows down the growth of aquatic organisms. This protective barrier is applied like paint. It contains biocides which act against biological hull fouling.

peinture antifouling contre les salissures

There are several types of antifouling:

- Hard matrix antifouling : contains a high proportion of biocides to control the colonisation of algae. Especially suited for fast boats or boats mooring in areas with strong currents

- Erodible antifouling : a coating that erodes if in contact with water, thus avoiding an accumulation of several layers over the years

Which antifouling is the right choice depends on the type of boat, its speed, the type of water in which it is used, its home port, and also on how much the boat is navigating. As a result of the natural erosion of the antifouling and its subsequent loss of effectiveness with time, the antifouling treatment must be renewed in regular intervals.

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