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“ Buying a New or a Used Boat? ”

What to choose: a new, custom-made boat or a used boat?

Buying a new boat

A unique boat specially designed and built to your taste and specifications? This is possible if you order a new boat! Although the financial aspect discourages a number of future owners, buying a new boat will provide you with trouble-free operation right from the start. Once purchased, you can enjoy the boat without fear of engine failure or any other malfunction resulting from wear and tear or lack of maintenance. Unlike with a used boat, you are entitled to full warranty coverage (1 to 5 years depending on the shipyard). The most renowned shipbuilding yards are in Germany and Holland, and language barriers can put off would-be purchasers. Buying a new boat is an important investment, and it is essential that every detail of the future boat (and of the sales contract) is perfectly clear between the parties.

If you can afford to buy a boat built to your specification and you want to cruise with confidence right from the start, try the adventure with a new boat.

Buying a used boat

Many boaters opt for used boats. The second-hand market includes a wide variety of pre-owned boats, some more reliable than others. Facing this complex market, it is important to have a very good understanding of boats to avoid being ripped off by unscrupulous owners. It is important not to be seduced by prices that are too attractive or by retouched photos. While the second-hand market offers opportunities for doing good business, in terms of quality and price, it is necessary to proceed with extreme care, never getting into a rush. If you have spotted a used boat matching your expectations, it is advisable to arrange for a survey to be carried out, to identify any faults or defects. A used boat is a boat that has a past: if maintenance has been carried out regularly and carefully, this is a sign of quality regarding its equipment. However, if maintenance has been botched or neglected, or something is hidden under something else, it is essential to take more time to carefully check each element of the boat.

The final choice of your purchase will ultimately depend on your budget and your aspirations. Although a new boat requires a bigger investment at the time of buying, it provides greater assurance of being able to enjoy safe and comfortable cruising. Used boats are cheaper and the choice is bigger, but you must beware of possible scams and faults that may be more or less hidden. That’s why the advice and support of a professional broker is strongly advised.

We wish “Bonne navigation” – a safe journey – to all boaters and boaters-to-be.

All year round, H2O regularly offers a choice of more than 100 boats for sale (new and used) at St Jean de Losne. Our team can assist you, providing advice and support throughout your purchase of a new or used boat. You can contact us from Monday to Saturday by phone at +33 3 80 39 23 00 and by email toemail h2o@h2ofrance.com. Click here to view all boats for sale

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