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“ Having a Boat Inspected ”

As part of the purchase of a pleasure boat, it is advisable to have an expert examine the boat of your choice. This expertise is your only real guarantee against hidden defects.

It is the potential buyer who determines what should be inspected.

What can be part of an expertise?

> Measuring the thickness of the metal hull with ultrasound.
For houseboats over 20m in length, taking samples according to a specific plan is required every ten years. By measuring the thickness any weaknesses of the shell can be determined.

> Inspection of the engine
* Measurement of the compression of each cylinder
* Chemical analysis of the engine oil
* Examination of wear parts

> Inspection of the transmission

> Inspection and measurement of the electrical circuit

> Examination of the steering gear

> Checking on safety devices

> Checking the water system under pressure, and the evacuation of black water

A few days after the inspection, the expert will deliver his written and signed report. The expert report specifies two types of defects, with a different order of importance. The real defects are those that need to be repaired in the short term, as they endanger the soundness or safety of the boat. These defects are covered by the suspensive clauses in your contract. Their repair is usually paid by the seller. Other defects are defined as "requiring attention", but they do not call into question the soundness and safety of the boat.

The choice of a neutral expert is an important element within the inspection and evaluation of a boat as the results will have an impact on your decision to purchase or withdraw... .

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