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“ In the Focus: The Life of a Kromhout Engine!”

This engine, made by Kromhout in Amsterdam in 1922 – type M2 – single cylinder, was initially, in 1922, installed into a 20 m Luxemotor called “MARIA” (in the meanwhile renamed to “JACOBA”). In 1994, a customer of H2O decided to buy this boat and live on it. Having a bit of ground with a nice lake, his original plan had been to build a small house at the water’s edge. Yet, the local authorities did not give him a building permit, but they could not bar him from living on a floating house. Charles GERARD and his son Max helped a last time to make the Kromhout engine work. Since the boat could not navigate in the little lake, its new owner decided to take the engine out. Since then, the Kromhout engine had been proudly displayed for 20 years in front of the offices of H2O in Saint Jean de Losne.

In 2013, a few passionate boat lovers undertook a complete and careful restoration. In February 2014, after more than 20 years of rest, the Kromhout engine worked again, much to the delight of the boat enthusiasts that had gathered around it! The little girl of Charles GERARD, then only two years old but already great in observing things, noticed the exhaust fumes and asked “is this a machine to make clouds?”

In October 2015, the people on board the boats at the Old Lock of Saint-Usage enjoyed roast chicken thanks to the precious help of the Kromhout engine!

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