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“ How to Decide on the Asking Price for My Boat ”

Deciding on the right asking price for your boat is tricky, but extremely important. People naturally tend to be optimistic when it comes to the value of their property; the sentimental value they attach to the boat is often well above a realistic valuation.

Buying a boat is a major undertaking. Serious buyers will have taken the time to study the market and to compare ads for different boats for sale. They know market values, and can recognize if a boat is over- or underpriced.

An asking price that is too high puts off potential buyers. There is a risk of missing viewings by serious purchasers, and some people will not consider a vessel that exceeds their budget.

An asking price set too low suggests to potential buyers that the boat has defects or hidden problems. They will be suspicious and try to find out why the asking price has been set below the market value.

Our advice:

- Browse ads for boats similar to yours to get a general idea of prices;
- Don’t set your asking price on the basis of your ambitions, but on prevailing market conditions;
- Don’t just think about the positive qualities of your boat: the potential buyer will be concentrating on its defects.

If you are having trouble deciding on the right asking price for your boat, seek advice from an experienced boat broker. Professionals have a deep understanding of current market conditions, and will be able to help you decide on a price in line with supply and demand. Offering your boat for sale at the right price means you will save time in concluding the sale.

At H2O, we have been in the brokerage business for 25 years, and we have solid experience in selling boats. You can contact our sales team Monday to Saturday by phone at +33 3 80 39 23 00 and by email to h2o@h2ofrance.com.

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