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“ Some Tips for Inland Navigation ”

River tourism is accessible to everybody. You can discover the richness and diversity of French heritage, travelling in an authentic and original way. However, for your safety and that of your passengers, you must abide by certain important rules:

- Observe the speed of navigation. The maximum speed is 6 to 8 km/h on the canals, 10 km/h on the rivers, and it is reduced to 3 km/ h in harbours, river moorings and when navigating into or out of locks.

- Navigate to the centre of the channel, except when you meet another boat, in which case you should move to the right.

- Night time navigation is strictly forbidden on inland waters.

- Always give priority to commercial vessels.

- Observe the rules for mooring. Mooring is prohibited within the navigable channel, under a bridge and in a tunnel.

- Pick up your trash. Wastes from pleasure boats are a serious environmental hazard. Nature provides us with a unique heritage, we must preserve it.

- Check the weather before leaving. Navigation during floods is strongly discouraged.

- Make sure you have all paperwork necessary for river navigation in your possession : the vignette from VNF for the current period, your driving licence for pleasure boats, and the documents of your boat insurance. Now you are ready to enjoy your river cruises!

You're ready to enjoy your river cruises!

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