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“ Why Should I Winterise My Boat? ”

Winter is a synonym for a long period of inactivity for river boats. Negative temperatures and a lot of rain or snow are typical for the winter season, with an impact on the boats that should not be neglected. To tackle bad weather, humidity and low temperatures, your boat and everything in or around it must be protected by protective measures that can be summed up as winterization.

Hiverner son bateau d'occasion

There are two different procedures, depending on how the boat is stocked over winter: winterising a boat moored in water or on dry. Keeping the boat on dry and protected from weather (in a building, under a hangar, or protected by shrink packaging) is the most adequate solution to come through winter without any problems.

Winterising means applying a series of measures concerning the equipment of the boat and the boat itself: the motor, air conditioning, the generator, the water pump, the heating system, the black water system (draining or pump out system, toilet), the drinking water system (the hot water system, water taps, showers), the washing machine, the dish washer, etc. These works can be carried out by the owner himself, or, to be on the safe side, by a professional workshop.

Winterising one’s boat may seem to be not so important or even tiresome, but remember that (good) winterising will bear fruit when the good weather comes back again!

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