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What does your broker do for you ?

So the time has come to part ways. You’ve decided to sell you boat. You might be wondering what the next steps are. Hopefully this guide will help you.

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Selling a boat is a complex and time-consuming task, which can have serious consequences if it’s not dealt with in a professional manner. Here are a few of the actions, which the broker will manage for you.

A broker knows what the right price for your boat is.
Setting the right price is the first ingredient to a successful sale. Your price has to take into account the state of your boat, its uniqueness and what the current market is like. A broker has already sold similar boats and will have his finger on the market’s pulse.

A broker will write a clear, concise and catchy description for your boat.
A broker’s copywriting skills will ensure he uses the right terms to catch a buyer’s attention, while providing the latter with the information he requires. The text must have a good hook, stay objective and the terms used must be precise and understandable.

A broker will take professional photos of your boat.
Photos make a big difference when it comes to selling anything. A good broker will have a person in the team trained to take good photos with expensive equipment, the quality of these is then improved through software. This way your boat will look its best inside and out.

A broker has a large customer portfolio.
Choose an international broker who has been in the boating world for some time. He will offer your boat to clients in several countries, rather than just locals. This broker will have a good list of contacts and know who might me looking for a boat just like yours.

A broker will manage queries, offers and organize visits.
Once your boat is advertised in print and online, the broker will be the only contact person for future buyers. This will avoid you being bothered by phone call and emails that require quick answers. You also won’t need to be around to organize visits, welcome visitors in their preferred language and explain technicalities.

A broker will take care of all the administration.
When it comes to buying and selling boats, the administration side of things can be mind-boggling. A broker will know how to quickly get the right papers for your boat (navigation permit, ownership certificate, taxes…) even if this is in another country and language.

A broker will write the contract for you.
Each contract is bespoke, taking into account all your boat’s specifications. To draft it your broker must be well acquainted with national and international law. This will ensure a safe, quick and hassle-free transaction

The broker is at your service throughout the sale.
You’ll be able to contact your broker at any time. He’ll be on hand to answer your queries, to guide you and to share his knowledge. You will be kept in the loop at each step of the sales procedure.

The broker is only paid once the boat is sold.
The broker will only receive his commission once the sale has gone through successfully.

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