Boat repair and maintenance

All trades in the same workshop

Present on the pleasure boat market since 1987, The H2O workshop has developed the skills to keep up with the growing demand of boat owners.

Thanks to the multidisciplinary team and the state-of-the-art infrastructures, H2O offers an integral service for boaters. 

The success of the workshop is based on three pillars:

– Infrastructure

The workshop area is composed of buildings specially designed for boat maintenance, a reception dock (80 places on dry land and 45 places afloat) reserved for boats undergoing repairs and a ramp for drydogking/launching directly on site.

Drying/launching of boats: to facilitate the drydocking or launching of boats, an inclined access ramp (slipway) is available in front of the workshop. The technicians have the heavy vehicle license, the C.A.C.E.S, and all the obligatory trainings to be able to land or launch your boat in good conditionswith a spectalised hydrolic lift-trailor.

– The material

To guarantee optimal work, the workshop has all the necessary technical equipment and machinery to handle boats up to 47 tons, 1.90 m draft and 22 m long. For larger boats, we collaborate with crane operators and dry docks.

– And of course a skilled team

The workshop could not function without the involvement, the technical know-how and the complementarity of our specialists. Rigorous and specialized, our team carries out its work in compliance with safety standards and regulations and work on boats of all sizes.

Shipyard for the repair and maintenance of boats

With 40 years of practice, we have accumulated valuable experience

Shipyard specialized in repair and maintenance

In order to offer a complete service to the owners, the workshop counts today 6 poles of intervention:

Our mechanics, experts in mechanics and hydraulics, respect the manufacturers’ instructions and remain constantly attentive to technical and regulatory developments.

– Installation / maintenance / repair of inboard or outboard diesel or gasoline engines
– Installation / maintenance / repair of generators
– Installation / maintenance / repair of propulsion systems
– Installation / maintenance / repair of hydraulic steering systems
– Control / repair of the propellers or the shaft line and the transmission system
– Winterization / de-winterization
– Basic maintenance

The team includes carpenters, marine carpenters and cabinet makers. Our technicians practice their trade inside or outside the boats, on water or on land. They work with wood but also with more and more other materials such as chipboard, light alloy, aluminum, edge banding, or PVC.

– Layout / interior design
– Custom furniture manufacturing
– Manufacture of wheelhouse, deck and bathing platform
– Restoration / maintenance of woodwork
– Rehabilitation of wooden hulls

The performance of a paint job depends on its preparation and application. To obtain a perfect result the toam of preparators and paint applicators work closely together. A sophisticatet infrastructure, including air filtration, temperature / humidity control makes a perfect paint result possible.

We are equipped for sanding,

– Wet sandblasting / hydrogommage / dry sandblasting
-Filling / application of various coats of paint and colouring
-Polishing of old or new paint / finishing
-Renovation / of hull or superstructure, wood, steel or fibre glass
-Application of anti rust products / curing or preventing corrosion
-Decoration or application  of lettering



This team includes welders and metal workers. Our technicians can work with steel, aluminum and stainless steel while scrupulously respecting quality standards.

– Construction / extension of superstructure or hull
– Rework or replace bottom
– Cutting / replace sheet metal

Our electricians are familiar with every mode of energy production or consumption on board ships. They master all the specificities linked to the electrician’s job to ensure the functioning of the electrical installations.

– Installation / modification of wiring systems
– Troubleshooting
– Restoration to working condition

Weather conditions and sailing slowly degrade the various components of your boat. Our team offers a customized interior and/or exterior cleaning service, available all year round, whether at the beginning or end of the season, or even for a specific need (putting the boat up for sale for example).

– Interior maintenance: general clean / window cleaning / upholstery
– Exterior maintenance: hull / superstructure / deck / canvas cleaning.

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